Jack's Point in Queenstown


2 thoughts on “Jack’s Point in Queenstown

    1. khaled Post author

      Trey Ratcliff – (born July 7, 1971) is a photographer, artist, public speaker and writer. He posts a new photo each day on his travel blog StuckInCustoms of the destinations and situations he finds himself in as he travels the world. His work has been featured on the BBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC.

      Ratcliff studied computer science and mathematics at Southern Methodist University graduating in 1995. He pioneered the field of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Originally a hobbyist photographer, he started exploring HDR because he was disappointed that the landscape photographs he had taken did not appear as he remembered the scenes. After exploring and developing techniques in the then relatively obscure HDR method, he began featuring his photographic work on his blog in 2005. His photographic work is licensed through Creative Commons Noncommercial.

      Early in Ratcliff’s career, two of his HDR photographs were selected as winners of the Smithsonian Magazine’s 4th Annual Photo Contest., The two photos “Fourth at Lake Austin” and “A macaque monkey sits on a wall in Kuala Lumpur” hang in the Smithsonian Institute.


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