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Today the unique event in Egypt – The sun passes over the face of Ramses II in Abu Simbel


One of the wonders that is famous for the Pharaohs and still amaze the world until now, where cosmic creativity which make the sun rays go inside the mountain corridor and perpendicular on the face of King Ramses II,

the sun perpendicular on the face of the statue of King Ramses II inside the temple in the city of Abu Simbel, south of Aswan in the phenomenon is repeated twice each year. on February 22, which is the coronation day of Ramses II and on his birthday on 22 October,
the sun go deeply to a distance of 60 meters from the entrance of the temple to reach the Holy of Holies amid a festive atmosphere characterized by the magic and mystery of the pharaohs,

at the begaining the Sun goes from the front of the temple to cut a distance of 200 meters to reach the Holy of Holies, which includes a statue of Ramses II seated and surrounded by statues of the god Ra Hor , and the god Amun, and cut another 60 meters lying directly on the statue of King Ramses II and the Statue of Amun-Re, god of Thebes, makeing a 355 cm length and 185 cm width frame around the statues .

The perpendicularly on the face of the old King takes only 20 minutes, with the rise of the sun, but it does not occur on the nearby statue.
Interestingly, the sun is not lying directly on the face of the statue of Ptah, who was considered by the ancient the god of darkness.

The event sun passes over the statue of Ramses were taking place on 21 October and February 21 before 1964 and after the transfer of the Temple of Abu Simbel from its old location to its current location within the project to save the monuments of Nubia has become the incident is repeated on 22 October and Feb. 22 and to change the latitude and longitude after the transfer of temple 120 meters west and 60 meters high.